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About ezLeague Pro

ezLeague is a PHP based Online Gaming League Script which allows users to download, install, and create their own online gaming competition web site that hosts Leagues, Ladders and Tournaments. Thus far, ezLeague has proven to support: League of Legends, World of Warcraft, FIFA, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Starcraft 2 & Hearthstone. If you are using ezLeague to support a game not listed above, please let me know what game your ezLeague is based off of.

The design for both the User and Admin portals is built on Bootstrap, which should allow for a much more manageable customization experience for the front-end developer. Since Bootstrap is a front-end responsive framework, ezLeague is compatible on any device for both the User and Admin portal.

What we do

As a former gamer with a professional development background, ezLeague Pro was built for gamers by a gamer. Our goal is to build the #1 all-in-one competition system for gaming organizations, with an emphasis on usability and customization. We build the platform your business depends on, so your time is only spent growing the organization.

By building long-lasting relationships with our clients, ezLeague Pro is meant to be the core muscle that keeps your organization beating and competitions thriving. Since all organizations are different, ezLeague Pro was built to allow for endless customizations on both the front-end and backend. We built the platform for you to step out from the shadows, and set your organization apart from the rest.

Who's behind ezLeague Pro?

The #1 Online Gaming League Script for eSport Ladders, Leagues & Tournaments.

Platform Team

Michael Loring Founder, CEO & Project Lead

I originally wrote ezLeague for a gaming community of just over 200 players, and today it powers some of the fastest growing gaming organizations in the world.

Adam Antonucci President & Founder

I've watched the birth and growth of eSports over the last decade, and today ezLeague Gaming is providing that base platform to power the industry into the future.

Elliot Ewing Support & Frontend

Originally an ezLeague Pro user running the Pro Rivalry League, I handle platform Support for the community & dabble on the development side.

Bagels the Beagle Treat Lover & Project Mascot

I'm the first Beagle you'll ever meet that talks less than you do. When I'm not resting my eyes, you'll find me chasing the rabbit that refuses to be friends with me.

Advisory Board

Rob Chesney COO, Trunk Club

Mike Cruz VP of Engineering, Trunk Club

Jeff Rose Principal Engineer, PayPal

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